Self Love Gifts Guide To Give To Those You Care For

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These self-love gifts are all you need to make sure that those around you know that you care for them and that they should care for themselves as well!

I have either given or received all of these products and they are amazing. I have never gotten a bad note from these gifts!

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1. Eye Mask

eye mask for self love gifts

An eye mask is a great gift for anyone because getting better sleep will help them feel better, work better, and act with a clearer mind.

This is a great addition for any woman making a self-love gift basket!

2. Essential Oils And A Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser with some essential oils is a great gift for those who are looking to up their self-care game.

I love the Laguna Moon essential oil gift set because it comes with all the essentials. And this diffuser!?! I don’t think it can get any prettier.

3. Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is so thick and nice that you aren’t going to have almost any wrist pain!

I got this mat for Christmas and it has been such a treat! It is so luxurious and nice to lay on.

A yoga mat is really a great gift because it looks pretty and encourages those you love to relax and workout all in one! Whether they use it to stretch, they already love yoga, or they use it start their yoga journey, everyone would love a new mat and this one is my favorite.

4. Silk Pillowcase

perfect gift

The perfect gift for any woman is a new silk pillowcase.

Silk pillowcases are great for skin, hair, and wrinkles, so really this is a beauty and sleep gift!

These really up the level of luxury a bed has and makes anyone feel like they are staying at a fancy hotel.

Not to mention, the silk pillowcase feels cool all the time!

5. Face Mask

A good sheet mask is a classic self love gift because they get used up and don’t add clutter to someone’s life.

If you are looking to give a minimalist a gift, some sheet masks and a new bubble bath would be the perfect gift that will make them feel luxurious and cared for!

6. Gift Set

A good gift set is super easy for a self love gift.

If you are looking for a curated gift that takes little effort but packs a big punch then this is the perfect gift!

7. Bath Pillow

Everyone who loves baths secretly hates laying down in them because of the cold, but a bath pillow solves this problem!

This one has a hanger on it so it can be hung up when not in use and it dries super quickly!

This is the perfect gift for someone who needs to relax!

8. Bath Salts

These are the absolute best bath salts. I can’t even describe my love for these. I have to keep backup of these because of how much I use them (almost daily).

9. Bubble Bath

gift guide

For the fancy lady in your life this bubble bath is so luxurious you will want to die.

The bubbles are so full and soft, and it smells so warm and yummy.

You feel like you could eat it!

10. Monthly Subscription to Ipsy

Ipsy is a great gift because it keeps on giving!

New products come monthly and will keep on coming for as long as you decide to pay for it!

11. Pajama Set

self love

If you are looking for a thoughtful gift, this is the one!

This pj set is so soft and luxurious (can you see a luxury theme?) that whoever receives these will never want to take them off!

12. Bath Bombs

These are secretly my favorite bath bombs (even over most Lush bath bombs) because I DON”T HAVE TO PUT LOTION ON AFTER MY BATH!

I hate the feeling of putting on lotion after a shower or a bath, so whoever receives these bath bombs will appreciate this detail of not having to lotion up while dripping wet.

13. Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are a great gift because they help people stay in tune with their health.

This Fit Bit is not too expensive, but would be a great gift for those who don’t have an Apple Watch, yet deserves a nice watch.

14. Self-Help Books

Mental health is so important in self love. These two books have been my favorite the past few years and things have stuck with me ever since reading them!

15. Gratitude Journal

Self love starts with gratitude!

Buying a journal and putting some gratitude prompts in on the first page is a perfect gift for so many people.

This can help people think of their gratefulness and everything in their life that they love.

16. Wellness Journal

Everyone could use some extra help with a guided journal!

Papier has this beautiful journal for personal development that would be a great gift for people who are working themselves.

17. Yoga Set

Workout sets are great self love gifts because they are comfy, and can make people feel so cute and confident!

These Lululemon dupe leggings are great because they are only $30 and they are perfect for a self love gift because they can help others workout, go on a walk, or just rest!

The leggings and bra top come in a variety of colors and they are all beautiful!

18. White Noise Machine

A white noise machine is a great self-care gift because it helps people get good sleep.

A good night’s sleep is the perfect gift to give to anyone!

19. Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle isn’t thought about very much, but I think that it is a great and unique self love gift that will make anyone fall back in love with puzzles.

A fun puzzle is great because a person can sit and be quiet for awhile or listen to an audio book!

If you are interested in Audiobooks, use this link to get two free books!

20. Nail Salon Gift Card

This one might be my favorite. $50 can be enough to get gel and tip at a salon and it gives anyone a great boost of confidence!

21. Astrology Candles

An astrology candle is a fun addition to any gift because it is consumable and looks pretty!

Who doesn’t love a good candle?!

Candles are perfect for self love gifts!

22. Water Bottle

simple modern

I love my water bottles so much because I have one for every occasion.

Check out this storefront list on Amazon for all of my water bottles if you need to find some more ideas.

These self care gifts will also help your friends and loved ones to take care of themselves when you aren’t able to be there for them.

This Post Was All About Self-love Gifts

If you still need something to buy, check out this Amazon Storefront with all sorts of products that anyone would love!

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