167 Productive Things To Do When You’re Bored

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If you are looking for over 100 productive things you can do when you’re bored, then you are in the right place!

productive things to do when bored

I am all about being productive, and I think these ideas will give you and me a comprehensive list of things we can do when we are bored and need to be productive!

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167 Productive Things To Do When You’re Bored

  1. Take online courses (Coursera has some great free courses that you can take for any niche!
  2. Talk to a family member
  3. Have dinner with your best friend
  4. Create a good habit
  5. Write out your personal growth goals
  6. Make new Pinterest boards
  7. Watch new YouTube channels
  8. Organize your important documents
  9. Build a LinkedIn profile
  10. Look for free resources in your career
  11. Make some extra money
  12. write out your long-term goals
  13. Write out email templates
  14. Update your social media accounts
  15. Build a new morning routine
  16. Set up a home office
  17. Think about how you can make a positive impact
  18. Do a face mask
  19. Go through your email account
  20. Watch a Youtube video about productivity
  21. Go grocery shopping
  22. Delete unused apps
  23. Clear your old electronic devices
  24. Build a shopping list
  25. Build a clean space
  26. Clean your work desk
  27. Respond to important emails
  28. Get some fresh air
  29. Build a positive mindset
  30. Set goals for your career
  31. Go outside to get physical activity
  32. Write out your family tree
  33. Write out your daily tasks
  34. Finish a few small tasks
  35. Work on your good habits
  36. Build new skills
  37. Learn a new language.
  38. Read a good book.
  39. Start a journal.
  40. Organize your workspace.
  41. Declutter your living space.
  42. Try a new recipe.
  43. Learn to cook a new dish.
  44. Practice meditation.
  45. Exercise or do yoga.
  46. Take a walk outside.
  47. Listen to a podcast.
  48. Watch a documentary.
  49. Practice a musical instrument.
  50. Write a short story or poem.
  51. Learn calligraphy.
  52. Start a blog.
  53. Learn photography.
  54. Do a puzzle.
  55. Learn to knit or crochet.
  56. Volunteer for a cause you care about.
  57. Plan your next vacation.
  58. Research a topic that interests you.
  59. Learn a new skill on YouTube.
  60. Create a vision board.
  61. Practice mindfulness.
  62. Write letters to friends or family.
  63. Try a new hobby.
  64. Learn to code.
  65. Watch TED Talks.
  66. Explore a nearby town or city.
  67. Rearrange your furniture.
  68. Learn about investing.
  69. Plan and plant a garden.
  70. Do a DIY project.
  71. Learn to dance.
  72. Try a new workout routine.
  73. Create a budget.
  74. Explore a new genre of music.
  75. Write down your goals.
  76. Make a list of things you’re grateful for.
  77. Research your family history.
  78. Try a new craft.
  79. Practice drawing or painting.
  80. Make a scrapbook.
  81. Create a bucket list.
  82. Start a gratitude journal.
  83. Practice a new hairstyle or makeup look.
  84. Learn to make cocktails.
  85. Take an online course.
  86. Do a digital detox.
  87. Practice a foreign accent.
  88. Learn to do origami.
  89. Try a new type of tea or coffee.
  90. Write a letter to your future self.
  91. Create a playlist of your favorite songs.
  92. Learn about different cultures.
  93. Practice speed reading.
  94. Plan a themed dinner party.
  95. Practice public speaking.
  96. Create a self-care routine.
  97. Learn about nutrition and healthy eating.
  98. Research a new career path.
  99. Practice deep breathing exercises.
  100. Learn to play chess or a strategy game.
  101. Create a vision for your future.
  102. Practice positive affirmations.
  103. Research and plan home improvements.
  104. Start a book club.
  105. Learn about personal finance.
  106. Practice memory exercises.
  107. Learn about astronomy.
  108. Take online quizzes to learn about yourself.
  109. Research DIY skincare recipes.
  110. Create a budget and financial plan.
  111. Practice hand-lettering.
  112. Learn about sustainable living practices.
  113. Plan a day trip to a nearby attraction.
  114. Take a free online course on a topic of interest.
  115. Learn to make your own candles or soap.
  116. Research and plan your dream career.
  117. Practice a new type of cooking or baking.
  118. Start a collection (stamps, coins, rocks, etc.).
  119. Explore different types of meditation.
  120. Take up birdwatching.
  121. Learn about famous artists and their works.
  122. Try journaling prompts.
  123. Create a vision board for your future.
  124. Learn about mindfulness and practice it daily.
  125. Explore local hiking trails.
  126. Research and plan a home workout routine.
  127. Learn about different types of tea and their benefits.
  128. Practice positive visualization exercises.
  129. Take an online personality test.
  130. Learn about different types of wine or beer.
  131. Practice gratitude journaling daily.
  132. Try a new type of cuisine.
  133. Explore a nearby museum or art gallery.
  134. Research and plan your next career move.
  135. Practice problem-solving puzzles.
  136. Learn about the history of your hometown.
  137. Explore different types of architecture.
  138. Learn about different types of plants and flowers.
  139. Practice creative writing exercises.
  140. Research and plan a home renovation project.
  141. Learn about different types of musical instruments.
  142. Try a new workout class or fitness trend.
  143. Practice mindfulness meditation.
  144. Learn about different types of meditation.
  145. Try a new type of art or craft.
  146. Research and plan a trip to a new destination.
  147. Explore different types of cuisine from around the world.
  148. Practice mindfulness while eating.
  149. Learn about different types of animals.
  150. Explore different types of dance.
  151. Research and plan a budget-friendly vacation.
  152. Try a new outdoor activity.
  153. Explore different types of literature.
  154. Research and plan a day of self-care.
  155. Learn about different types of architecture.
  156. Practice positive self-talk.
  157. Learn about different types of fashion.
  158. Explore different types of music.
  159. Practice mindfulness while walking.
  160. Research and plan a day trip to a nearby city.
  161. Learn about different types of cooking techniques.
  162. Explore different types of art.
  163. Research and plan a new hobby.
  164. Practice gratitude meditation.
  165. Learn about different types of photography.
  166. Research and plan a day of adventure.
  167. Make a to-do list
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