9 Reasons You Need Sensory Overload Earplugs

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This post is all about sensory overload earplugs!

I am in love with my Loop earplugs. These have completely changed the game for me when it comes to sensory overload and focus. I have never felt more productive than when I am wearing my loop earplugs because it helps me to tune out a lot of annoying background noises such as the air conditioning, wind, and even my roommate doing the dishes. I love these earplugs because they have changed my life and I wanted to tell y’all a few of the reasons I think everyone should keep a pair of them on hand.

While I am specifically talking about Loop, I am sure that most earplugs would give you a similar result. I just love my Loops because they have a great carrying case that I keep on my keys for when I am at work or school and allow me to focus so much better.

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Why You Need Sensory Overload Earplugs

1. Create A Calming Learning Environment

We all know the feeling of being overwhelmed when there is too much going on. I know I get so overwhelmed by the sound of the laundry or air conditioner that I get anxious and irritable. But with some sensory overload earplugs, I feel so much better. I often wear these in crowded lecture halls because it helps me to focus only on the sound of my professor’s voice and not the sound of 100 students typing simultaneously.

Here are some situations where earplugs help with learning:

  • Loud lecture halls
  • Coffee shops
  • Libraries where students are working in groups
  • Studying at home

Overall, if you are a student, then investing in some earplugs might be the game changer you need to focus for longer. I know with ADHD, and probably with autism as well, it can be hard to focus for extended periods.

2. Enhance Comfort For Travel

Whether you are on an airplane or in a car, earplugs are the GOAT for reducing sensory overload. I know that even when I am driving I can get very overwhelmed by all of the noises such as the AC and music and even the other cars on the road. I have a whole blog post on why we get anxious while driving with ADHD if you would like to read more about this topic, but I believe that having some earplugs while driving with ADHD can help calm your brain and help you focus.

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Travel can be very overwhelming for people with Autism and ADHD so making it more comfortable is so vital. My brother, who is deaf, has autism and when we travel he often takes off his Cochlear implants entirely so that he can have a more relaxing experience. Travel disrupts our routines and daily schedule, so give yourself some grace and turn down the volume when you travel.

3. Improve Comfort in Crowded Places

Speaking of traveling, crowded places like concerts are the ideal environment for earplugs. When I went to the Era’s Tour I wore my earplugs and it changed the whole experience for me. Usually, concerts are the worst because I get super overwhelmed and get raging headaches, but with some Loop Earplugs, I was able to stay for the whole concert without getting overwhelmed by the loud sounds. All concerts are a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so getting to enjoy them is important.

Places like airports, concerts, churches, or even walking on the street can all be improved by wearing some earplugs to help you tune out some of the excess talking and noises.

4. Protect Hearing

While sensory overload earplugs are not primarily designed for the same level of loud noise protection as traditional earplugs, they can still provide valuable protection against harmful noise levels in specific situations. It’s essential to recognize the potential risks associated with exposure to loud noises, particularly in crowded environments such as concerts or events where noise levels can reach extreme decibel levels.

In these settings, where the volume of sound can be overwhelming and potentially damaging to your hearing, wearing sensory overload earplugs serves as a proactive measure to safeguard your auditory health. While enjoying live music or being in a bustling crowd can be exhilarating, it’s equally crucial to prioritize your long-term hearing wellness.

By wearing sensory overload earplugs, you create a barrier that helps reduce the intensity of sound reaching your ears, mitigating the risk of temporary or permanent hearing damage. These earplugs can act as a buffer against the piercing highs and booming lows of amplified music or loud ambient noise, allowing you to enjoy the experience without compromising your hearing health.

5. Sensory Regulation

The primary reason I own sensory overload earplugs is for sensory regulation. When I am at work or school I can easily get overwhelmed by all of the sounds hustle and bustle that is going on around me. It is so important for me to wear my earplugs in these situations so I can focus and get my work done. Here are a few ways that wearing earplugs helps with sensory regulation:

  • Reduces noise that is distracting to our day-to-day lives.
  • Reduces anxiety you might feel when you get overwhelmed by loud noises.
  • Enhances focus when you are in an overwhelming environment.
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I really enjoy wearing sensory overload earplugs when I am doing chores because a lot of them are already a sensory nightmare. Doing the dishes for example is loud and slimy and water gets everywhere. Putting on some Loop earplugs for sensory overload has made dishes feel so much easier and not as overwhelming. Same with other cleaning tasks such as cleaning the toilet or doing laundry. It just makes chores that much easier to do.

6. Enhance Productivity

When you are wanting to be more productive, sensory overload earplugs are the way to go. I enjoy wearing earplugs when I need to be more productive because it allows me to still turn on a movie or play music outloud without getting distracted by it. When I really want to be distraction free, I turn off my fan, turn off my phone (put it on do not distrub and put it across the room or on the other side of my couch or bed), and put on earplugs. This environment allows me to be way more productive than any other. If you need a few other productivity tips, here are some ways to create a productive enviornment:

  • Put on shoes
  • Sit in an upright position with your feet on the ground if possible (or sit on the floor, I find I’m most productive on the floor).
  • Put on your loop earplugs
  • Get your hair in a pony tail or bun
  • Sit facing a wall for minimal distractions
  • Gather all the materials you need before you start working

WIth all of these tips, you will find you can get way more done in a shorter period of time. Don’t get discouraged if you need to practice before you can sit for extended periods of time. If you need to build up your focus endurance, try the Pomodoro technique where you sit for 20 minutes then take a 5 minute break, rinse and repeat until you’re done with your work.

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7. Ease Anxiety

Do you remember a time where every noise became another nail in your ears and it feels grating just to listen to anything at all? Well, that happens to me all the time. When there is noise all around it can cause us to feel very anxious. When we are able to tune out some of the excess it can make us feel much calmer.

Try out some earplugs the next time you feel anxious and see if you feel better. I can almost assure you that wearing them will make you feel better a majority of the time.

8. Improve Sleep Quality

When I wear my earplugs to sleep I get the best sleep of my life. Just last night I wore my Loop earplugs and I didn’t wake up once throughout the night, which is typical of me. When trying to sleep, earplugs are an easy solution because they aren’t as big as earbuds so they don’t get in the way when sleeping on your side.

If you want the best sleep of your life, here are a few tips for you,

9. Promote Relaxation

I know that when I wear my earplugs, I feel more relaxed than ever. These earplugs in particular are the easiest way to promote relaxation wherever you go because they are discrete and won’t make you feel embarrassed to wear them. Once you wear these when you are wound up, you will never want to take them off because they are so relaxing to wear.

To really pump up the relaxation effects, here are a few bonus tips!

  • Wear comfy clothes
  • Take a nice long bath
  • Try out aromatherapy
  • Do some yoga
  • Meditate for a few minutes

Combine these tips with the sensory overload earplugs and you have a relaxing evening ahead of you!

This Post Was All About Why You Need Sensory Overload Earplugs

For some more great information on Loop earplugs, Loop has a great TikTok page that is filled with helpful information and gives great tips all the time!

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