What Is Body Doubling? Learn 10 Ways Body Doubling Is Amazing For ADHD

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You might have seen a new-to-you technique for productivity called body doubling, and wondered, “What is Body Doubling??” We are here to teach you all about it!

what is body doubling?

I am always looking for new techniques for getting my work done since I have ADHD. I have noticed that when someone else is in the room with me that I get so much more work done!

When I first read the term ‘body double’ I was very confused. I thought it might be that a friend does the work with you so there is two bodies doing the same thing. While this isn’t too far off, it isn’t quite right.

Body doubling is a great way to boost your productivity while spending quiet time with people you love. Learn which friends are great for body doubling and try to offer up body doubling services for others as well!

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What Is Body Doubling?

The Attention Deficit Disorder Association has a great article on body doubling and how it can be an amazing tool for ADHD. I will link that here!

If you are wanting a really short video introduction here is a great video describing body doubling!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a task, procrastinated on it, or simply found it difficult to focus? If so, you’re not alone. The good news is, there’s an interesting technique called “body doubling” that might just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Body doubling is a concept borrowed from the field of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) coaching. However, its benefits are not limited to individuals with ADHD; it can be a helpful tool for anyone struggling with focus and productivity.

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The idea behind body doubling is simple yet powerful: having another person in your space, even if they’re not directly involved in your task, can help improve your focus and productivity. This person acts as a ‘body double’. They don’t need to be working on the same task, or even talking to you. Their mere presence serves as a subtle form of accountability and motivation.

what is body doubling?

Why does this work? It’s believed that the presence of another person can stimulate the brain’s arousal system, which plays a critical role in our ability to pay attention and stay focused. This can be particularly beneficial for tasks that we find inherently uninteresting or challenging.

Body doubling can take many forms. It could be a coworker in the same room, a friend sitting across from you in a coffee shop, or even a virtual body double, thanks to the advent of technology. Virtual body doubling has gained popularity during the pandemic, with people using video calls to work alongside others remotely.

In conclusion, body doubling is a unique and effective productivity hack that leverages the power of social presence to help us stay focused and complete tasks. So next time you find yourself putting off a task, consider inviting a ‘body double’ and see the difference it can make.

10 Ways Body Doubling Can Help You Be More Productive

Body doubling, as the term suggests, involves doing a task in the presence of another person. This person may assist with the task, like when a couple or housemates do chores together, but their primary function is to provide a calming, focusing presence (Source: Medical News Today).

This concept has proven to be a unique tool for individuals with ADHD, acting as a chi balancer or protective barrier that helps contain and calm the energy around the person with ADHD (Source: ADD.org).

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Here are ten ways body doubling can be amazing for ADHD:

  1. Boosts Productivity: Body doubling is a strategy that can help people with ADHD accomplish more than they would alone by providing motivation and focus (Source: CNN).
  2. Improves Focus: Working alongside another person can enhance your ability to concentrate on tasks that you might otherwise find challenging (Source: Healthline).
  3. Promotes Task Initiation: Having another person around can make it easier to start tasks that you’re having difficulty getting started with (Source: Psych Central).
  4. Encourages Consistency: Regular sessions with a body double can help establish a routine, which is beneficial for managing ADHD symptoms.
  5. Provides Accountability: The presence of a body double can create a sense of accountability, making it less likely for you to become distracted or procrastinate.
  6. Reduces Overwhelm: The supportive presence of a body double can make large or complex tasks feel more manageable, reducing feelings of overwhelm.
  7. Enhances Confidence: Successfully completing tasks with the help of a body double can boost your confidence in your ability to manage tasks independently.
  8. Increases Motivation: The company of another person can serve as motivation to stay focused and complete tasks (Source: Apartment Therapy).
  9. Improves Task Completion: With a body double, tasks that might be difficult to complete alone become easier to tackle (Source: ADDitude Magazine).
  10. Provides Emotional Support: Lastly, a body double can offer emotional support, making the task-at-hand less daunting and more enjoyable.
what is body doubling?

In essence, body doubling can be a fantastic tool for individuals with ADHD to enhance their productivity and focus, making it easier to start and complete tasks.

This technique is simply so helpful for anyone, but especially so if you have ADHD. Ask a friend or a significant other to sit in the same room with you, in eye-line, and do a similar quiet task as you.

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I can assure you that you will love this way of improving your life!

Ways To Incorporate Body Doubling Into Your Life

Flow club is a great resource that you can use to help you with your body doubling journey. It helps keep you accountable and self assured.


A great asset for when you are body doubling can be headphones that signal to the other person not to bother you. I find that sitting with someone in comfortable silence can be awkward unless you are both doing or listening to something.

Play different music and work on different things so you have nothing in that moment to talk about.

I have a whole blog post about earplugs for ADHD and how helpful they can be. This is a perfect use for earplugs. When you’re sitting with anyone while trying to get some work done, try putting in some earplugs to tune out some outside distractions!

Well, There You Go!

This post was all about body doubling!

Just to remind you, body doubling is a unique strategy that can significantly enhance your focus and productivity. Having another person in the same space, whether physically or virtually, can stimulate your brain’s arousal system and help you stay on task.

Even if they’re not involved in your work, their presence alone provides a subtle form of accountability and motivation.

So, if you’re struggling with concentration or procrastination, why not give body doubling a try? It might just be the game-changer you need to conquer your to-do list and reach your goals.

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