How To Save Your Hair From Hard Water Damage (Amazon Product Recs)

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Hard water damage can be a drag when trying to detangle your hair or just keeping it looking nice. That is why I am OBSESSED with this Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Hair Remedy!

This hard water treatment is amazing people with colored hair and those who want their hair to be smoother. If you have curly hair, then hard water can really weigh your hair down and prevent that beautiful bouncy curl you are looking for!

hair from hard water damage

This post is all about How To Save Your Hair From Hard Water Damage!

This treatment starts out as a powder that you mix water with and then it turns into this super thick paste that you foam into your hair like you would a shampoo.

After using this product, you will never want to use another treatment again because your hair will be so smooth and easy to manage. I would use this every time I washed my hair if I thought it would be good…

I like to pair it with the Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil on my ends when I am blow drying my hair, and let me tell you, it is always a great hair day when I use these in conjunction! This oil acts as a heat protector too so don’t worry about heat damage!


  • You will have the smoothest hair of your life!
  • The build up in your hair (product or hard water) will immediately melt away, leaving silky hair behind!
  • Since it is a treatment, you use it every few weeks to maintain the results!
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  • It is expensive, 3 packets on amazon cost $15. One of those treatments would probably cost $20 at a hair salon… So for me it is worth it.
  • It feels weird at first, kinda like putting cement in your hair.
  • It takes a minute to wash out… You will need to rinse your hair for a minute or two. It might feel like it will never come out, but then it does!

Click here if you would like to purchase the Malibu C Wellness Hard Water Treatment!

This Post Was All About How To Remove Hard Water Buildup In Your Hair

hard water build up on hair
hard water removal from hair
remove hard water from hair

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