self care to do list

How To Create Your Unique Self Care To Do List

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When you’re down in the dumps, making a self care to do list can help get your life back in order.

self care to do list

Making a self care to do list can be hard when life feels out of control. I know that with ADHD it can make it even more challenging to break down your tasks into manageable pieces. I am here to help you break everything down and make it super easy for you!

This post is all about self care to do lists.

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How Are You Feeling and What Are You Lacking?

This is the most critical question you must ask yourself before making a self care to do list.

Are you having any anxious feelings or thoughts that you can work on?

Take a few minutes to journal and write about how you feeling and why you are feeling what you are feeling.

What Can You Add To Your Self Care To Do List To Combat Your Negative Feelings?

Are there tasks outside of your typical idea of self care routine that you need to do?

Self care is more than bubble baths and sheet masks, it can also include cleaning your room or removing the trash.

If you are feeling anxious, maybe you need to get a few productive things done then eat a healthy meal and read a good book.

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If you are sad, maybe you need to sit outside and do yoga.

self care to do list ideas

Think about what you can and cannot fix in your feelings and do the things that you can do.

Don’t worry about the things you cannot control or cannot fix.

This can take awhile to get used to when first starting out, but start by making a list of all the things stressing you out and then cross out anything you can not control.

Only work on the things that you can control or can aid in.

How To Create Your Self Care To Do List

Creating a unique self-care to-do list is all about identifying your needs and what makes you feel good. Here’s how you can create a tailored self-care regimen:

  1. Identify Your Needs: Think about what you value most in your day-to-day life. This could be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual needs.
  2. Choose Activities That Soothe You: Some examples could be journaling, meditation, mindful walking, exercising, coloring, taking a cold or hot shower, and saying positive affirmations.
  3. Include Personal Indulgences: Some simple ideas could be drinking a cup of herbal tea, trying a few positive affirmations, writing things you are grateful for.
  4. Incorporate Health-Boosting Habits: For instance, getting eight hours of sleep a night, going for a walk in nature, eating a nutrient-rich meal, listening to a podcast, or meditating.
  5. Add Unusual Self-Care Ideas: Consider organizing your belongings, getting close to animals, writing a love letter to yourself, daydreaming, creating a Pinterest board, or customizing your clothes.
  6. Eliminate Stressors: Take something off your to-do list, unfollow toxic people on social media, challenge your negative self-talk, or take a nap.
  7. Create a “Yay!” List: Every night, write down anything that made you say “Yay!” during the day.
self care to do list ideas

Remember, your self-care to-do list should be flexible and change as your needs evolve. It’s not about having a strict regimen but rather about creating a lifestyle that makes you feel good.

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When making a list, it should only be a temporary list that you complete and then move on from.

After you finish your to do list, you should try to journal about what you enjoyed and why. Then in the future you can see which ideas would work best for whatever state you are in in that moment.

Here Are Some Ideas For Your Self Care To Do List

  1. Take a shower
  2. Eat a healthy meal
  3. Take a walk
  4. Take a bath
  5. Finish a piece of homework
  6. Do the dishes
  7. Clean your towels
  8. Snuggle up and read a good book
  9. Do your nails
  10. Go grocery shopping
  11. Journal
  12. Light a nice candle
  13. Put on comfy clothes
  14. Pick up the room you spend the most time in
  15. Water your plants
  16. Drink a cup of tea
  17. Drink a glass of water
  18. Do a face mask
  19. Do a hair mask
  20. Put a thick body butter all over your body
  21. Invite a few friends over for a game night
  22. Vaccum your floors
  23. Wipe off your counters
  24. Sit alone on a porch
  25. Go for a short drive
  26. Listen to a pretty playlist
  27. Dance like you’re in a music video
  28. Watch a documentary
  29. Listen to a book
  30. Throw away all the trash in your house
  31. Clean out a few drawers
  32. Donate a bag of clothes
  33. Clean your bedding
  34. Wash your favorite blanket
  35. Clean your favorite tennis shoes
  36. Go to Dollar Tree and go ham
  37. Go to Goodwill and just look around
  38. Write out some of your favorite recipes
  39. Go get an Icee
  40. Exercise
  41. Go on a run
  42. Put on a pair of comfy socks
  43. Paint
  44. Watch a light tv show
  45. Refill any soaps that need refilling
  46. Try a new food
  47. Find a new book to read
  48. Write a review of a movie
  49. Go on a walk in a new park
  50. Find a new card game
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These ideas are to get your juices flowing. Self care is all very personal and can take awhile to find your specific routine.

Try out a few of these ideas, especially the ones that sound weird or foreign to you. These weird self care ideas might help you see what you don’t like in self care and find other ways of doing self care.

Well, There You Go

This post was all about self care to do lists!

Let me know if you need more help or ideas, and I will write some more ideas. There are basically an infinite amount of ways to implement self-care into your life!

I really enjoyed writing this post and thinking of some great ways I can implement self care ideas into my life.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment different ways you put self care into your routine!

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