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7 Unique Reasons Self Care Can Help You Glow Up

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A Self Care Glow Up is all we are after am I right? These self-care tips and tricks are the best ways to facilitate a glow up that will make people around you say “OMG, Who is that??”

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self care glow up

As a woman, I completely understand the need for a glow-up in your life! Working in silence and making moves to become a better you are sought after by many people because it shows self-motivation, hard work, and willingness to put the work in.

Being ‘that girl’ may not be as intensive as you think it is!

This post is all about a Self Care Glow Up!

1. If You Drink More Water, You’ll Notice Bouncier Skin

Hydrated skin is such a power move! I remember in middle school always powdering my face when matte skin was all the rage and not want to stand out, but then it was always so dry and uneven! When I started taking care of my skin and drinking more water, I got wayyy more compliments on my skin.

Hydrated skin means that it will be bouncy, glowy, and even more even in complexion and texture. Focusing on hydrating topically is also a great way to achieve this!

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2. If You Exercise More, You’ll Notice Your Clothes Fit Better

Have you ever seen the forms that clothing companies use to shape their clothing? Well, these body forms are an idealized version of the human body and are supposed to represent the vast majority of people. But this doesn’t happen.

When you build up muscle, you will start to fill out parts of your clothes that were loose and baggy before. Muscle is a great thing for us women to feel more confident and strong in our bodies. Better fitting clothing will make you feel so much more put together!

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3. If You Spend More Time Outside, You’ll Have A Healthy Glow

Getting a little bit of sunlight can bring out the natural color of your skin and make your skin look even and nice!

I am by no means saying that you should sit out and tan for hours on end. But if you have a covered porch or balcony, then sitting and getting a little bit of sun (with sunscreen on) and fresh air will help your mental and physical well-being.

spend time outside

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4. If You Eat Healthier, You’ll Have More Energy

Eating a variety of veggies, legumes, grains, and proteins will all provide you different nutrients and satiate you longer and make you feel more energized!

When getting your groceries, set aside some time to prepare some vegetables for your meals and make it as easy as possible for you! I like to buy frozen broccoli, fresh carrots, and fresh Brussel sprouts every week because they are super easy to stick in the air fryer with some oil, salt, and garlic powder.

food for glowing up

My Recommendations:

  • Try eating more beans! They are filled with protein and fiber which will satiate you and help your gut health!
  • Don’t drive yourself crazy eating healthy, just add in some healthy foods into your existing meal plan and notice how much better you feel.

5. If You Journal, You’ll Be More Understanding

Journaling helps you get to know yourself even better and understand your intentions. When you can really analyze who you are, you will notice that everyone is kinda the same.

It is easier to lower your judgment of others when you realize that you are flawed as well.

journaling for mental health

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6. If You Work On Your Mental Health, You’ll Attract Good Energy

Do you know what they say about karma? “What goes around comes around!” Putting out good vibes to those around you will attract more good energy to yourself!

You may have noticed that the people you like being around the most can balance the good and the bad and they are likely more healthy mentally. The people who you attract should be people who are also in a good place mentally!

good vibes

My Recommendations:

  • Self care in general is a great way to improve your mental health. Prioritize taking care of yourself.
  • Therapy is honestly ideal if you have the resources to invest in going. I know through my job I got therapy, and through my insurance, my copay was only $20 after I used all my credits from work. Ask your employer or your insurance company what they can offer when it comes to therapy.
  • Lots of therapists are accommodating for students who want to get therapy done, and there are a lot of colleges that offer free therapy sessions!
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7. If You Eat A Variety Of Nutrients, You’ll Have Healthier Hair

Your hair is made out of nutrients from your body, the only way to have good and healthy hair is to make sure you have the essential nutrients in your diet.

You are what you eat, and so is your hair!

healthy hair

My Recommendations:

  • Add a few extra veggies to your grocery list when you are shopping. You don’t have to take out things that make you happy, but adding in good nutrients is a great way to make sure your body is fed properly.
  • Farro has been in my rotation lately. I get it from Trader Joe’s and I cook it up with quinoa in my rice cooker for a different grain other than rice.

This Post Was All About A Self Care Glow Up

Comment below with your favorite self-care glow-up tips! I am obsessed with self-care and it is just another positive that it could help you glow up!

self care glow up

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