15 Best Self Care Essentials That You Will Swear By

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Finding all of your self-care essentials is… well… essential! Whether you like to rub extra shea butter on your knuckles or get a weekly deep tissue massage, self-care can make you feel more accessible and like yourself. Show yourself that you are worth the time and effort by upping your self-care routine with my favorite self-care items!

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As a woman, finding time for self-care on top of our hygiene routines and prioritizing others can be so hard! That is why it can be so helpful to incorporate these self-care essentials into your normal routine and elevate it!

This post is all about self care essentials!

self-care essentials

Here Are The Best Self-Care Essentials

1. Pillows/Cushions

Having some meditation cushions and pillows can be a fun way to stay comfortable while incorporating self-care! This can be a unique way to introduce some of your favorite self-care items into your routine as well… By sitting on the meditation pillow and journaling or doing a fun face mask, you can multitask and boost your self-care to the next level!

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2. Journal

If you haven’t started journaling, this is the perfect time to start! 

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3. Bath Bombs

Taking a luxurious bath with oils and bath bombs feels so lovely and I swear it gets all the negative energy out of my body! The health benefits for baths include increased blood flow and lower cortisol levels! These benefits are enough for me to want to take a bath every night. 

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4. Sheet Masks

If you have an established skincare routine, I am sure you already use sheet masks, but if you don’t, you are in for a treat! Using a face mask 

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5. Comfy Loungewear

At the end of the day, comfy clothes make a big difference in how you feel. Get cozy, wear soft and warm clothes, and turn down your AC to make your house feel like a home. 

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6. Essential Oils

I love essential oils as much as the next guy, but have you ever found an oil that has made you go, “Wow!”? Once you find the oils you love, then you will be hooked forever…

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7. Skin Care

Skincare is a great way to incorporate self-care into your routine. Taking a few extra minutes at night to massage your face, using a few serums, or putting on a sheet mask can be fun and rewarding. On a cold winter day, it can feel super lovely to do some extra hydrating steps 

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8. Reusable Water Bottle

Drinking water is the best form of self-care. Have ice-cold water with a liquid IV, and you are set for a hydrated and delicious day!

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9. Colouring Books

I love a good coloring book because it makes me feel calm and collected. Ending up with something pretty with minimal effort feels so rewarding, too!

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10. Incorporate A Healthy Lifestyle

This is the BIGGEST self-care essential because it is so important to be healthy if you want to grow!

My Recommendations:

  • If you have an established yoga practice, this will be easy! Get some extra movement in to break up some of the cortisol in your body. 
  • Don’t run if you have anxiety, as it might be more stressful; instead, go swimming or on a walk!

11. Comfy Socks

Don’t forget to wear comfy socks every day! Having some nice socks to feel and move around in is a nice feeling that can help ground you in hard times. Finding places in your body where you feel peace and calm can help you focus on those peaceful feelings and none of the negative ones. 

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12. Luxurious Bedding

Taking care of your physical health is a great way to improve your mental well-being. Taking pride and feeling comfortable when you sleep will help you to get better sleep, feel more rested, and prepare you to be even better for the next day!

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13. Eating Real Food

Real food means having a meal instead of snacks. Stop eating chips and cheese and make a rice bowl with veggies or frozen chicken. It can be as simple as that! Having rice and beans on hand makes a great meal when you are running low on cash, or make a big batch of soup and eat that for a few days. 

Food is essential for ensuring you are operating optimally and for your brain to work its best!

14. Mini Massage

Give your face a mini massage when you are doing your skincare routine! This is a great way to take care of yourself and spend more time showing that you are worth the time. 

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15. Leggings

Leggings are an essential product for so many of us and good reason! Being comfortable is the first step to feeling relaxed and caring for yourself on the bad days. 

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This post was all about self-care essentials!

​These were my top 15 self-care essentials that I could not live without. Taking time to take a warm bath or indulge in some beauty products can make you feel pampered and loved and help your well-being overall! Leave a comment below of your favorite self care products that I didn’t include!

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