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Here Is How To Incorporate Self Care After A Bad Day

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After an awful day, self-care can really bring it all around, but you have to know where to start! That is why we are talking all about self-care after a bad day!

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I know that a sucky day can feel like the worst at the moment, but with these tips, I know that you can improve how you feel, even if it is only a little bit!

After a long and hard day, just remember that you have control over your life and ways to make you feel better.

This post is all about self care after a bad day!

My Favorite Tips For Self Care After A Bad Day

Obvious, But Underrated, Answer Is Taking A Bath

After a bad day, it feels incredible to get in a nice bath and soak!

Be as extra as you can, and put some olive oil and all the bath salts you have! It can make your experience a million times better and feel so much more luxurious and special!

Show yourself that you are worth some extra effort, and as an added benefit, it will ensure you never have too many bath products, haha! πŸ™‚

I’ve talked about these bath salts so many times that it might be annoying at this point, but really they are so amazing! The Kneipp Bath salts are so amazing because they are so concentrated. They turn your whole bath a beautiful shade of blue, they smell amazing, and you only need a few tablespoons every time you use them. Since the container isn’t huge, it also doesn’t take up too much space in your bathroom!

You really have to try them out because I am obsessed with them!


The first thing you’ve got to do with your journal is write everything that happened that day!

It is so essential to deal with the bad stuff head-on and think about all the bad (because the bad also rises πŸ™‚ ). Sometimes, all it takes is to write down your day to see the solution or to know that it is not all that bad.

If you don’t like journaling, then try telling a close friend everything!

Perspective can be very helpful after a bad day, so go through an extended debrief with yourself and figure out all about what you are feeling.

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I have a few posts about journaling, but this one is my favorite! πŸ™‚

Self Care After a bad day

Clean Up Your Room And Bathroom

You cannot think properly in a dirty room, and having a clean room and bathroom is just so nice!

A quick win is great to feel this sense of accomplishment and encourages you that you can keep going.

We all need a little sense of control, and the cleanliness of your room is one part of your life that you have direct control over.

Taking a few extra minutes to clean up or just tidy up your room can make all the difference and bring you a sense of peace after a hard and long day!

I have a few posts about cleaning with depression; here is my most recent one that will help if you would like to clean, but it feels like a big hurdle to cross.

Order Takeout Or Make A Healthy Dinner

Takeout can feel very luxurious if you usually eat at home, and that might be exactly what you need!

But if you are on a budget, making some simple and healthy meals can help you feel in control over your health and give you some nutrients that might just make you feel better.

Eating is so important for your mental and physical health!

Food can really fill your soul and make sure that your brain and body are working properly.

Sometimes, when we are anxious, we forget to eat, and that can really be harmful and make our anxiety worse!

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Play Music And Invite A Friend Over

I love my soft cozy playlist on Spotify that is on my made-for-you playlists! Just find some cozy songs that can make you feel relaxed and comforted.

Ask a friend to come over, even just to get some stuff done!

Having some soft music on in the background can really impact the vibe of your hangout and make you feel comforted and calm.

Don’t Drink (Preferably)

While it may be tempting to reach for a drink after a challenging day, it’s important to remember that this can have detrimental effects on both your mental and physical health.

Regularly using alcohol as a coping mechanism can lead to dependency, escalating casual drinking into a more serious problem. Additionally, while alcohol might initially seem to lift your spirits, it can actually worsen feelings of stress and sadness over time.

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Physically, frequent drinking can lead to symptoms such as nausea and hangovers, and long-term consumption can contribute to serious health issues like liver disease and heart problems.

Alcohol can also impair judgment, leading potentially to risky behavior, and disturb your sleep cycle, preventing you from getting the restful sleep you need.

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Do Drink Some Extra Water, Though

Water is essential for many bodily functions, including lubricating joints and delivering oxygen throughout the body, which can help you feel more physically comfortable and energized.

Staying hydrated can also enhance your cognitive performance, potentially making it easier to navigate stressful situations and think clearly.

Importantly, water aids in breaking down food and absorbing nutrients, supporting your body’s energy production and overall health.

Adequate hydration can help prevent mood changes and unclear thinking that can arise from dehydration. Drinking water can even contribute to weight management and efficient fat burning, offering long-term health benefits.

Water is also amazing if you have ADHD, so make sure you are getting in plenty of water anyway!

Take An Extra Long Walk

Taking a pet out for a walk can be a great excuse to get some extra steps in.

Taking a long walk after a difficult day can have many benefits. It’s a simple form of physical activity that can help clear your mind, manage stress, and improve your mood.

Walking can also have significant health benefits, such as reducing your resting heart rate and blood pressure and helping to balance your cholesterol levels.

Even when you’re feeling low or tired, maintaining some level of physical activity can be beneficial, and walking is a great way to do this without exerting yourself too much.

awful day self care

Watch Your Favorite Movie Or Rent A New One

Light all the candles, get out your favorite blankets, turn down your AC, and turn on a movie!

I try to do this almost every day because it is so enjoyable and takes me away from my current experience and troubles.

Since I live with a roommate, it is also fun to experience new movies with her as well.

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Movies can push you to be better, move you, and even inspire you to be better.

If you are feeling in a rut, then a movie is amazing to keep you going and push you!

Do Something Productive For Work Or School

Engaging in school or work tasks after a challenging day can be a constructive way to regain a sense of control and productivity.

Diving into a project or assignment can redirect your focus from the day’s stressors toward achieving a specific goal.

This shift in perspective can provide a sense of accomplishment and purpose, improving your mood and self-esteem.

Even when feeling down, maintaining some level of engagement with your responsibilities can be beneficial. It keeps your mind active and creates continuity in your routine, which can foster resilience over time.

Everyone has good days and bad days, but maintaining a steady pace in your school or work efforts can help you navigate through the tough times more effectively. You could aim to complete a small task or make progress on a larger project.

Just remember to balance your efforts with adequate rest and self-care to maintain overall well-being.

self-care after a bad day

Go To Bed A Little Earlier Than You Usually Would

Extra sleep is always so nice!

Some days are too hard, and it can really affect your following days if you let it.

Occasionally, a problem can be eased by getting a clear head and resting it off.

Tomorrow, you will be able to tackle your biggest problems if you are able to sleep a little more than normal.

Well, There You Go!

This post was all about self-care after a bad day!

Remember that you should take it easy on yourself, especially during a hard time. It can be hard enough to have a bad day without dogging yourself!

I believe in you, and I know that if you try out a few of these tips, then you will feel a little better and much more in control.

Convince yourself that you are worth your time and effort, and practice more self-care!

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